Later Years: Promoting Republican Party Politics : Letter from Thomas Dewey to CNB (1957)

This document, a letter from Thomas Dewey to Consuelo Northrop Bailey, Dewey writes to congratulate Baiely on her Doctor of Laws degree. Thomas Dewey appears to be very appreaciative of women in education and the workforce, which is why he is very pleased to hear of her success. Consuelo Northrop Bailey is a very successful woman for her time period and also a very independent woman. During the 1950s the majority of women worked inside the home, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. The women who did work outside the home, usually worked in the "pink collar" work force which consisted of jobs such as secretaries, waitresses, and other clerical jobs. Consuelo Northrop Bailey, worked in a man's profession. She was Lieutenant Govenor and later got her Doctor of Laws degree. This shows that she defied the rules of "womanhood" and pursued education and a career for herself, which helped create a pathway for women in the future to pursue education and careers like Consuelo Northrop Bailey.