Later Years: Promoting Republican Party Politics : Letter from CNB to Thomas Dewey (1957)

In this next letter from Consuelo Northrop Bailey to Thomas Dewey, Bailey asked Dewey to come and speak at a fundraising event. This would help the reputation of Vermont representatives. One can possibly concur that she was using him as a way to build up her own career by invitations to special events and her admiring letters. The letter depicts that just because she is a women of higher status doesnt necessarily mean that life comes easily to her. There were probably many men and also women who did not agree with a women lieutenant governor. Bailey, had to perservere beyond hateful comments to achieve that status she had reached during her later career. If Thomas Dewey, a prominent figure in politics, attended this fundraiser than perhaps it would have raised Vermont's standing in the nation, thus raising her own status and involvement in politics as well.