FPK to E. de Haas, August 5, 1937


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FPK to E. de Haas, August 5, 1937


August 5, 1937

My dear Mr. de Haas:

Thank you for your kind and cordial letter of July 22nd.

An unexpected summons from my British publisher necessitated a flying trip to England and will necessitate a change of itinerary in Germany. I hope and expect to reach Cologne tomorrow night, and I shall probably spend the weekend there (Hotel Excelsior), going directly from there to Frankfurt and motoring to Mannheim while retaining Frankfurt as a center. This means that I should reach Berlin the latter part of next week - i.e. the 12th or 13th - and as my stay there will necessarily be very short I think I will treat myself to the Bristol of which I am extremely fond and go to the less expensive hotels elsewhere along the way. From Berlin I shall go to Munich, trying to stop briefly in Augsburg and Ulm along the way and leaving Germany via Lindau instead of entering that way.

Should you wish to get in touch with me in either Cologne or Frankfurt, you can do so in care of the American Consulate, and you may take it for granted that I shall be in Berlin on the evening of the 13th at the latest unless you hear from me to the contrary.

Looking forward greatly to seeing you, and with kind regards,
Sincerely yours,


Frances Parkinson Keyes


From the collection of Frances Parkinson Keyes Papers, Special Collections, University of Vermont Library.




Hope Greenberg


Box 1, folder 6


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