Contract for "The Old Gray Homestead," September 16, 1918


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Contract for "The Old Gray Homestead," September 16, 1918


The draft version and the final contract of FPK's novel being published by Houghton Mifflin. There are nine points that discuss rights to the publisher and the author. Also discusses pricing for the book.


James Duncan Philyn


From the collection of Frances Parkinson Keyes Papers, Special Collections, University of Vermont Library.


Houghton Mifflin Company




Rachel Murray & Brodey Lajoie


Contract between publisher & author
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Agreement BETWEEN Frances Parkinson Keys and HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY FOR THE PULICATION OF The Old Gray Homestead Sept. 16, 1918

Agreement, made the sixteenth day of September 19 between Frances Parkinson Keyes of North Haverhill, New Hampshire and HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY, of City of Boston, Publishers.
1. Said Frances Parkinson Keyes hereby grants and assigns Houghton Mifflin Company
a work, the subject or title of which is THE OLD GRAY HOMESTEAD with all translations, abridgments, selections and all other rights of said work, or parts thereof, with exclusive right and power, in their own name, or in the name of said Frances Parkinson Keyes to take out copyrights thereof, Copyright. and published said work during the term of said copyright, in all languages; said Frances Parkinson Keyes agreeing for herself, her heirs, executors or next of kin, to secure the renewal of said copyright on the expiration of the first term thereof, and to grant and assign to said Houghton Mifflin Company the sole right to publish said work during the full term of said renewal on the same terms and conditions as for the original term as hereinafter stated. Said Frances Parkinson Keyes guarantees that she is sole owner of said work, and has full power to make this grant; that said work is not a violation of any other copyright, nor scandalous or libelous; and Author’s guarantee. that she and her legal representatives will hold harmless and defend said Houghton Mifflin Company against any claim by reason of any such violation of another copyright, or any scandalous libelous matter in said work.
2. Houghton Mifflin Company agree to publish said work at their own expense in such style as they deem best suited to its sale; and to pay said Frances Parkinson Keyes, her representatives or assigns, ten per cent. on their trade-list (retail) price for each copy by them sold. The trade-list (retail) price, on which said percentage shall be paid, shall be that of the cloth style of binding and if a special limited edition in so-called de Luxe or uncut style shall be issued, the royalty thereon shall be the same amount per copy as that paid on the regular trade edition. If said work shall be sold in a special edition at a reduced price or leased by said Houghton Mifflin Company for publication under another imprint than their own, the percentage on such cheaper issues and sales shall be subject to special agreement. And Houghton Mifflin Company shall render always, on application therefor, semi-annual statements of account, in the months of May and November and make settlement in cash four months after date of each statement, unless the………………………………
Houghton Mifflin Company shale thereupon transfer said copyright; but if said offer be not accepted and such payment made within sixty days, then Houghton Mifflin Company may destroy the plates and sell all copies then on hand free of any percentage to said Frances Parkinson Keyes, her heir or assigns, and this agreement shall thereupon terminate, the copyright reverting to said Frances Parkinson Keyes, her heirs or assigns.
9. This contract may be assigned by either party, and the assignee thereof shall have all the rights and remedies of the original parties hereto; but only as a whole, and neither party shall assign any part of interest therein.
Houghton Mifflin Company, Frances Parkinson Keyes


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