James Underhill, Jr., to FPK, October 24, 1915

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James Underhill, Jr., to FPK, October 24, 1915


This is a letter from FPK's half brother James. It talks about their mother and her opinions of James's marriage.


James Underhill, Jr.


From the collection of Frances Parkinson Keyes Papers, Special Collections, University of Vermont.




Ellie Miner


Typewritten letter




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James Underhill P.h.D Mining Engineer and Geologist, Idaho Springs Colorado. Dear Frances, I was very glad to get your letter of recent date. Grandma wrote us about her marriage, but told us very little if anything about it. I am therefore in a general way withholding judgement till I know more. We do not know if she has married the village "cut up" or the town drunkard. Neither do we know how old he is. In as much as she was so particular in the case of my marriage I naturally infer that she has married some one who has "ancestors" and with plenty of money. She wrote that I should probably not like him and I replied that that cut little figure as I never expected to see him. While she does not specifically say so in so many words, she leads me to believe that she has married some one whom you do not like in order to spite you. This is very consistent on her part. Because she did not happen to like Lucy and I did, she first did what she could to prevent the marriage and has since done everything that her special talents in that direction could devise to spite us. This line of action on her part has resulted, as you well know, in cutting her off from all intercourse with us ,except so fas as an occasional letter permits each to know that the other is living at the date of writing. Now apparently she is trying to take it out on you and while I appreciate your position in the matter and feel sorry that you have to go thru all this, at the same time I am interested to note, that temporarily at least, her activities in the spite line are diverted from me. We both wrote to her as pleasantly as we could, Lucy especially. Lucy feels a great relief in the matter as we have both felt very sorry for the old lady in her loneliness, even tho she took such particular pains to make it impossible for us to have anything to do with her. Now that she has a companion of her own choosing as Lucy puts it, we hope that she will be satisfied. Lucy joins me in best wishes to you all. Affectionately your brother, James Underhill


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