W. F. Bigelow to FPK, January 5, 1921


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W. F. Bigelow to FPK, January 5, 1921


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Bigelow is writing to FPK as she is sick telling her that he likes her ides for the name of her writings.




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January 5, 1921
Mrs. Henry W. Keyes,
2400 Sixteenth Street,
Washington, D.C.

My dear Mrs. Keyes

I am sorry to learn that you have been ill, but trust that you are now well along on the road to recovery. Having in mind how many of your letters I have left long unanswered, I did not at all worry about your not replying immediately to my letter of the 29th.

Your suggestion that we call the series “Letters from a Senator’s Wife,” is the best one that I have had yet. Unless a still better one turns up in the next few days, I shall use that. It seems to ma that all along the line things are breaking nicely for us, and that you will have plenty of interesting and informative things to write about for several months. I should like to have the April copy by the 20th of this month. Of course if it seems probably that about that time something big was coming along a few days later, I should want to wait, and could wait, until February 1st.

I had a note from Judge Towner a few days ago in which he said what he had said to you- that the opposition to the bill only strengthened it. That was certainly the case at the Senate hearing also.

I believe that this country is full of women like your friend in Idaho – women who are thinking and longing to know more about what is going on in the outside world. Our newspapers give us so little of the real news. The passage of the Sheppard Bill by the senate was really a dramatic thing, but one reading merely the newspaper accounts of it would thing that it was just an accident in the day’s work of the senate. Your first letter is going to give millions of women their first insight into the workings of our big legislative machine.

I am returning the Idaho letter.

Sincerely Yours,
W.F. Bigelow


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