Quaking Aspen : Poetry

Aspen Trees During Autumn

Aspen Trees During Autumn (Wikidedia username: LeavXC, September 25, 2010)

“Heart-shaped leaves on long, slender stems, some say

the most beautifully proportioned leaf of all deciduous trees,

their blades now quivering in the gentle afternoon wind like

the soft skin of a young woman first falling in love.”


- Excerpt from “The Aspen of Forgetfulness” by Cliff Crego


Quaking Aspen Fall Foliage Close-Up

Quaking Aspen Fall Foliage Close-Up (Siegmund, October 23, 2005)


“The sweeping of our horses’ manes

Showed us the wind and which way it blew,

But it was the aspens that gave it voice.

Swirling leaves,

Like erratic wings of butterflies,

Shimmered, shook, slapped,

Simultaneously clapping as we passed.”

- Excerpt from “Riding Through a Grove of Aspens” by Linda Reznicek