Around the World With FPK : Travels

FPK to Peter Keyes, November 12, 1933

Letter from Frances to her son, Peter Keyes while she was staying at the Carlton Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq. The letter outlines her travels and her concern for her sons recent date.

While Frances was traveling all around the world and becoming involved with the relations between the United States and Germany through the Carl Schurz Foundation [1], she was also traveling to diverse locations that were non-specific to Europe. One of these travels brings us to Baghdad, Iraq in the Middle East.  This letter to her son, Peter Keyes, exemplifies the close relationship Frances had with her son and her involvement with his life even as she was traveling. She comments on his experience with a girl he was interested in that had gone wrong, while also explaining her opinion of the city [2]. 


[1] Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation to Francis Parkinson Keyes
Secretary's Annual Report, 1932

[2] FPK to Peter Keyes