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Frances Parkinson Keyes


Materials collected by the students of HST095 and HST272 for an exhibit on Frances Parkinson Keyes, drawn from the Special Collection of the University of Vermont.


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RN Linscott to FPK, October 5, 1918
This letter talks about the revisions she needs to make to her book, "The Old Gray Homestead", which includes taking out her entire conclusion of the story.

W. F. Bigelow to FPK, January 5, 1921
Bigelow is writing to FPK as she is sick telling her that he likes her ides for the name of her writings.

Harry Keyes to FPK, October 15, 1902.
This is a love letter from Harry to FPK in the early stages of their courtship, in which he professes his love for her.

Henry W Keyes to Frances P. Wheeler [Keyes]<br /><br />
Letter, 1901 October 22
A letter from Henry W Keyes [Harry] to FPK addressing her intended lawsuit against the town of Haverhill after FPK fell off of her horse on the Keyes farm. Harry informs her that her claim was made over a year after the accident and thus she cannot…

R. N. Linscott to FPK, November 8, 1919
The letter expresses the publishers disappointment in FPK's writing and how they waited a year for her to write a better novel then the one she sent to them. With this letter came back the two manuscripts.

FPK to W. F. Bigelow, May 21, 1928
FPK is writing about how she hates doing things in a haphazard way to get into the conference

James Underhill, Jr., to FPK, October 24, 1915
This is a letter from FPK's half brother James. It talks about their mother and her opinions of James's marriage.

Ruth Hanna McCormick to FPK from August 16, 1930
Letter from Ruth Hanna McCormick to FPK that mentions the arrival of a copy of FPK's "Queen Anne's Lace" for Ruth McCormick to read. The campaign is also addressed.

James Underhill to Mother
Letter from James Underhill to his mother that includes conversation about her marriage

FPK to Bigelow, October 11, 1928
Discussing the conference in Austin Texas
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